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I was running missions in my investigations and noticed a glory bug. If you select the mission it says it grants 10 glory. The missions are green or yellow. Once that investigation step is completed it only grants 5 glory if you look at the weekly glory. 

An example of this is I started last night with 0 glory. I completed 6 missions through the investigations tab. I should have 60 glory for the week. Instead it shows 30 glory (so 1/2). If I were to do regular missions (not part of the investigation so no inquisitor level) the glory seems to show normal. I could understand if I had leveled up to where they were white, but they are green or yellow to me (haven't tried to brave a red mission yet). 

Also, the reward for 400 glory (I only earned 547 for the short week after patch) was only 150 fate. It says 200 on the glory tracking screen. 

Neither of these are game killing. They are just a heads up and when you get too it bug. 

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mission glory
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6 years 94 days ago
Same for me, only getting half the stated Glory.

Also, not sure if Priority Assignments need a tweak since I always seem to end up with higher Collateral Damage than Success resulting in negative Glory which, incidentally, does not come off the weekly total.