Suggestion for better controls


Hi Everyone,

I play on the PC and usually I use the keyboard and mouse. But sometimes when I just wanna relax I use my controller and I noticed that there are differences with the game play that I feel should be present in both control schemes. When I play using the controller it has a targeting system though I would understand that I have more freedom of movement when using the KB+M but I just feel it would be nicer to have a target lock for both, then I also notice that when using the controller I get prompted to attach exploding containers, though this is just a minor thing it would be nice too if the KB+M had this. Maybe it's just personal preference but it would be nice to get some visual cues since that the game has a faster pace now and at times (specially my slightly aging eyesight) I have a difficult time noticing stuff around me.

This is just a suggestion though and thank you very much for taking the time to read peoples comments and suggestions. Thanks!

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Suggestion for better controls
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246 days ago
Most likely this option won't be implemented but in any case I forwarded your suggestion to our console team who manages the targeting for controllers both on PC and console.