Priority Assignments badly bugged (Updated) (PC) - 2.0.0d


Everything here is referring to the 'Random Selection' in Priority Assignments - I’m not able to test the DLC ones as they are completed on my character.

1.  When playing an assignment, you now only seem to get one mission - whereas before 2.0 there could be multiple missions to an assignment.  Should this have been a design change, then the description text should change to match.

2. I keep getting the same mission - five missions in a row (before 2.0.0d) were identical.

3. The debrief screen does not always play.  It just abruptly drops to the command bridge.

4. The Finish Assignment screen does not always play.

5. I’ve had the Priority Assignment instantly complete when I’ve selected a new one - it just went straight to the reward screen.

6. (NEW) - Just took a new Priority Assignment which was new, had 3 missions but all on the same map!  The Finish Assignment debrief page did not display again as well. 

Also just a quick 'Thank you!' for sorting the reward out for me Marcopolocs!

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Priority Assignments badly bugged (Updated) (PC) - 2.0.0d
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3 years 161 days ago
Noted, we will check on the Priority assginments, thanks for the detailed report!