Stuff I'd like


- A text field in the player profile (like we have for cabals) where we can describe our character/more detailed background. Hiveworlder, grew up on forgeworld, etc. imperial orphan barbarian collegium graduate former navy/guard 

- Random stuff (maybe in mail) every 1-10 days you get a mail. Investment paid off (gain), bribe paid (loss), hideout compromised (loss), new contact (gain), survived assassination attempt (loss) and maybe some random but low number of credits. Like +/- 250. Just for...feeling like we're connected to a wider universe?

- Some more stuff that demonstrates/makes players feel like 'real' inquisitors. Maybe a few NPCs who fawn or are at least nice to us, a hidden bar/tavern (smugglers moon) somewhere, free clothes?, (some)things that reinforce that inquisitors are actually powerful and important individuals. It's not going to feel like being an inquistior in the 40k universe if every NPC is constantly rude or treats you like an employee or hired mercenary / or is shooting at you. 

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Stuff I'd like
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6 years 78 days ago

Mighty Snakefist supports! And more along that line! Alive and vibrant!

Now it's probably not possible to add atmospheric changes due to frantic work on the game, but this should be remembered somewhere and done later.

Snakefist would like to mention once again His Mighty 'Extended player info' idea with full character view, vanity items, various Distinguishments etc.

6 years 74 days ago
indeed MOST imperials should need brown trousers at the mention of the word Inquisitor,  ok certain NPC are in the system and may be backed by Lord Inquisitor so can become forcefull to our inquisitor,  I would like to see some development in our inquisition career from being a newly released inquisitor just set loose from there master inquisitor
6 years 73 days ago
These are good suggestions.

*Two Thumbs up*

"Venerate the immortal Emperor"

6 years 68 days ago
Yeah, right now they all talk down to you, like you're their student or hired muscle. Works ok for tutorial but...not exactly singing with thematic accuracy otherwise.