Artificial limbs and bio-stimulators


I have many ideas how I would like too have something like this in game: take too much damage buy a new arm, too much Nurgles-rot so you need a sealed liquid-based breathing system, not feeling close enough to the Omnissiah so remove empathy part of the brain and get some cogitator.

This could be used as just a fluff/esthetic thing. Or, as I would much more like, somehow replace the level requirements on some items, or indeed make them a requirement in themself to be able to interface with other implants and/or weapons. Ofcourse such a change to the human body should come with some sort of downside.

I can further flesh out concepts if people find this something they would like to see in-game.

Join in and explain why it is/it isn't something you'd like. Add your own take own the notion, or simply leave a wall of text explaining the in-effective time consumption implementing and balance such a thing would be.


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Artificial limbs and bio-stimulators
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5 years 299 days ago
I don't see why, in game, an inquisitor couldn't modify themselves to be as competent as a heavy combat mech priest. It shouldn't be the only path to tanky goodness, but it can be one, or even the strongest of a certain tactic. 

The more stuff that lets us customize our character, in anyway, and adds in in-theme elements is good. I'm not sure about being forced to replace things, by damage. That can result in a 1st lvl char on their 1st day having to have total body reconstruction. Or just can cripple your advancement if you have to spend tons of cash/time farming cash to do it. I love the idea, but...not sure it works with the size of the playerbase we can expect here.

Every toy in every book ever published by GW should be available to inquisitors. We really need a favor economy to limit what we can request somewhat realistically. Because otherwise...there's no real limit to what we can have or even create, in-theme. Our resources are supposed to be nearly endless, limited by whatever plot-armor the GM can construct. On one hand, it's unrealistic to expect NeoCore to fully be able to do that. On the other hand...taking on the job of realistically representing the inquisition is...well not an easy job. There are much, much easier factions they could have chosen or even mechanisms that made us interogators, not inquisitors. Since they did...#1 focus of dev should be to make us feel like 'real' inquisitors. Not sure how they're going to do that, because right now I might as well be a particularly competent imperial guardsman or agent of the inquisition but I definitely don't feel like an inquisitor. my .02 cr