Still freezing


Ok...I bought the faith undone and poisoned souls dlc and on 2nd or 3rd mission of the quest I believe its the poisoned souls dlc..and it booted me to my dashboard...reloaded game and started mission again....dashboard....I bought and played one other dlc...don't remember name...but completed it no problem. Is it my xbox or is it on your end??? Please help.

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Still freezing
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2 years 31 days ago

thank you for the report, our console team will dive into the problem finding out what could cause the crash issue. We will do our best to fix it and release a patch in the shortest time possible! Could you please tell us if you can recall it in which mission did this happen? In the 2nd or  the 3rd mission? At the start does it crash or maybe when you get to a certain point in the mission? We look forward to your reply!