I lost my progress?


Hey guys, I'm playing on PC (name: illegalfreq), yesterday I played the game as usual, still playing main story, I'm in Chapter 4 when the Conclave's ship arriving to the hidden moon next to an anomaly. When I login tonight, my logs are completely empty. I cannot choose any missions, it's looks like it wiped, but what happened? Is it a patch, or server problem? Where is my progression and how can I get back to my missions? Please someone help me with this!



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I lost my progress?
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1 year 126 days ago
Could you please attach a screenshot about your clues and while you are on the Command Bridge here or send it to [email protected]? That would be of great help to us, thanks in advance! 
1 year 127 days ago
Sounds like the servers/your account needs to be reset. contact support. And no you won't lose it all.