[APRIL FOOLS] Content Patch for Martyr - v1.4.1 - Apr. 1


April Fools' Day Patch Notes

Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr will be released. The updates will be applied automatically after the scheduled maintenance and when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. Please also note that during maintenance, players will be unable to login.

New Features

  • 5 new DLCs are available from the in-game store.
  • We have added continent selection when launching the mission. You will now have to scan the POI's continents to find a suitable LZ in order to start the mission. There will be an additional loading screen when changing continents.
  • Added a new Inquisitor Royale mode to the PvP panel where 50 Inquisitors are dropped into the Warzone to test their might against each other.
  • Starmap traveling is now mandatory and the quick mission launch tab has been removed from the game.
  • Added a Barber Shop to the Command Bridge where players can spend Caligari Credits to style their characters' hair.
  • To foreshadow and test our transition to the mobile platform, players can now manage the Command Bridge from their phones via our new mobile app. Download it here!
  • New Map setting: Monastery
  • Added a new NPC, the Ink Visitor who may sometimes visit the Command Bridge. He constantly talks about monsters and has a ghost as a companion.
  • Players can now purchase Loot Caches from the in-game store for 1$ apiece. These loot boxes are also obtainable via spending 2000 Fate points.
  • Added Parental Controls to the game. Gore and violence levels can be controlled via a passworded slider within the Game Options tab.
  • Due to the popularity of the console port, PC support ends for Martyr at the end of 2019.
  • The Main menu has been revamped to promote Starmap traveling. It can now be only reached from the Aethon System.


  • The Aethon System's PR requirement has been bumped up to 3200.
  • Suppression is a vastly underrated mechanic in the game so we have doubled the suppression resistance of all Elite and Medium type enemies.
    • Subsequently, all Elite and Medium type enemies now deal 45% increased Suppression damage.
  • Added a new stat, Clumsiness, to the game. Characters with high levels of Clumsiness may drop grenades and fizzle their own weapons during combat.
    • Loot boxes purchased from the in-game store now have lower Clumsiness stats than regular items.
  • To reduce mission preparation time, all Inoculators now have random effects.
  • Warzones now never end.
  • We have felt that the leveling pace is too slow, therefore we have reduced mission XP gains by approximately 50%.
  • All cutscenes are now unskippable.
  • Added a new "Report Cheaters" feature to the ESC menu. Players reported 10 or more times will be automatically banned.
  • Using emotes now has a slight chance to cost 2 Fate points.
  • Players now lose a portion of their experience when they die. The loss is determined from the Power Rating of the mission.


  • The Crusader's movement speed has been reduced slightly.
  • The Crusader now has a slight chance to be crushed by his summoned turrets if the direction is misaligned.
  • Crusaders are banned from the Barber Shop.


  • Dodge has been reworked. Players can now Dodge in 16 directions, all of which can be custom bound via the Interface Options panel.
  • The movement speed of Assassins is now increased by 30% if they customize their gear to be colored red.
  • The Assassin's melee arsenal lacked variety, so we have added the following variations to all Assassin blades: Doppler, Gamma Doppler, Case Hardened, and Crimson Web.


  • Psyker Warp Anomalies can now randomly summon other players to the multiplayer session.
  • The Psyker's performance was lacking across endgame so max-level Psykers are now doing roughly 50% more damage with all specializations.
  • Due to community feedback, we have switched the Psyker back to the old model.

Fixed Bugs

  • Various localization fixes
  • Improved stability across all platforms
  • To improve the stability of the Inventory, a loading screen has been added.
    • To improve the stability of the loading screen, all loading screens now last approximately 20% longer.
  • Fixed a bug where console players sometimes received over 30 FPS. The human eye can only see 24 anyways.
  • Fixed a bug where the Starmap did not have enough Spaceship Datahunt missions. Now there will be plenty more.
  • The blueprint for Digital Weapons now has a new icon.
  • Fixed a bug where player progress was saved upon hitting Alt+F4.
  • Meme Virus has been removed as per to the new EU regulations.
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[APRIL FOOLS] Content Patch for Martyr - v1.4.1 - Apr. 1
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5 years 52 days ago
I know, a prank. The Ink Visitor, babbling about Monsters and having a Ghost as a Companion. But In fact that is an actual NPC that could actually work. He actually DOES show up from time to time, and givng you some very truly SPECIAL unique Missions.

But yeah, seriously. This could actually sincerely work. In fact this should be looked into.

5 years 54 days ago

I kept a straight face until "Various localization fixes". Then I lost it, well played

This comment was edited 5 years 54 days ago by shadowmantis
5 years 57 days ago

Using emotes now has a slight chance to cost 2 Fate points.  -  seems legit.


Added a new NPC, the Ink Visitor who may sometimes visit the Command Bridge. He constantly talks about monsters and has a ghost as a companion.

5 years 57 days ago

I turned pale when I watched the description of the patch.

5 years 57 days ago

Good joke guys.

5 years 58 days ago
Patch we need! But what neocore can't give us!
5 years 58 days ago

Well trolled, you guys.

April Fools indeed.

That said... it WOULD be hilarious if our Warp Anomalies DID inadvertantly summon other players into our games. (Utterlly infeasible with current technology, but it funny as hell!)

Also, 'Red Ones go fastah' ????? Um... Orks? PLEASE? 

This comment was edited 5 years 58 days ago by Kalenath
5 years 58 days ago
You should definitely pass from PC's and consoles, mobile is the way to go...
5 years 58 days ago
Console master race !! At last ... Lol lol 
5 years 58 days ago
That's indeed lol :)