Extreme Fortune Tarot Bug


So I grind my rear off to 70 after taking a break for a couple months. I am all excited to gear out at max level relics, so I pop my extreme fortune.

First 5 runs I get a whole whooping 4 relics at 110 Fate each run. That includes hour glass, don't die, none of it mattered. 

So I unlock the extreme card and try it with another extreme fortune. (Now admittedly I failed one due to not paying attention and getting caught in the crossfire of the psyker that splits into three and not being able to get out.) In four completed runs I got a signum on one handed weapons run, and a sniper rifle on an armor run. There was no noticeable difference despite the supposed chance to double my drop rate and the 50% chance for drop card. Two just gave me a few purples and two greens. 

Now I do understand the need to slightly nerf the drop rate with extreme fortune. Most of us threw on the timer and did assassination runs till we were blue in the face for an outrageous amount of relics per run if you got lucky to find the splitting psyker. (three per assassination, one in the chest, one per psyker, and up to 5 in your final box.) 

However, this is insanely ridiculous. I have wasted 1100 fate, two extreme fortunes, and I ended up buying 5 relics to gear from the dlc arsenal. I could have bought another xpac for that. 

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Extreme Fortune Tarot Bug
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3 years 349 days ago

in the warzone you need a weapon by area. Warzone has very very lot of regular enemy. Special relics drops only from Nemesis fight of warzone. or you can buy this from munitorum, but cost 500 glory point.

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3 years 350 days ago
Out of curiosity (I never really got into Warzone much, but might after I max the psyker since I maxed the melee assassin where I want her), are the special relics Warzone only? I think I picked up a key one time, but the map killed me due to having digital weapon instead of my shield equipped (whoops). 
3 years 352 days ago

go to the warzone. I found a lot more relics there. I have a whole chest full of relics. there are also special relics from nemesis in the warzone.

3 years 355 days ago
We will check on the Taint Tarot card, thanks for the report and the feedback on the relic issue! 
3 years 358 days ago
Thank you and thank you for listening.

It's like I said, I understand the need to tone down the extreme fortune. I can honestly say it was a bit much on certain tarot runs (Hunt mainly). 

I just think that they got turned down too much to where they are almost negligible.  I had noticed no drop rate difference between running an extreme fortune and doing a normal run. 

I do not think the 50% card that grants enemies 100% health and damage is working as intended either. 

Combining fortune, an hourglass, and the new card should not give greens and one artifaicer as a result...I don't think that is what was intended. While I was a wee bit agitated, it was my intention to point out the bug because it ruins the "kid at Christmas" feel gamers get when they get a brand new piece of gear at a milestone. 

I do understand the delicacies of programming and how one decimal can change the outcome unintentionally or create new issues in the program (although it has been years since someone needed someone who understood DOS or C++...lol) 

Thank you again for your response.

3 years 358 days ago
We changed the drop-rate chance the extreme fortune consumable provides since it was way higher than we wanted it to be. On the other hand it still increases the drop-chance by a considerable amount. On the other hand upon feedback we will consider increasing it again. 

I compensated your loss in the meantime!