Steelpain's Season of the Inferno Feedback


Took a long break and Season of the Inferno got me back into the game. I played about 10 hours on a brand new seasonal character and sure had fun! I'm really liking how development of the game has progressed but still noticed some personal quality of life improvements I'd like to see. I'm a PC player so keep that in mind regarding the feedback.

1) When the map overlay is toggled please don't untoggle it after a cutscene, it's anoying to keep re-enabling it. Looks like the untoggle is mapped to 'esc' when 'm' should be enough as well.

2) Add the ability to toggle 'overkill' numbers so we may understand if we're getting to overpowered for a particular difficulty. I understand one shoting a mob means to start increasing the difficulty but it would be great benefit to advanced players to gauge their consistent damage and more powerful combo's.

3) Update the shield gauge to not squish the health gauge, this has been confusing for new players and makes it hard to understand your current health value while your shield is up. Splitting the gauge vertically  50/50 (health on left half, shield on right half) and dropping each respectively would be far simpler for a player to understand. As some players may like the squish version, perhaps make this a toggle in the menu.

4) The 'Starmap Special Locations' tutorial shows up before every mission on a new seasonal character. After playing about 60 missions I still have this popup and I can't seem to remove it.

5) Add the ability to interact with Supply and Medical Supply boxes with the 'f' key. As a PC player I would much rather click a key than to curse over items likes these when I'm quickly clearing a zone. Likewise, I have difficulty clicking on these when mobs are over them so changing this to the 'interaction' key would be great.

6) Update the physical shrines themselves, update the shrine buff icon or display a temprary text near the character explaining the gained effect. I never understand if I have bonus damage, speed, defense, etc... until I curse over the buff icon.

7) I don't suspect brand new players to make seasonal characters. For this reason I'd recommend the below,

    a) Denote a warning upon selecting seasonal this is not intended for brand new players. Tutorials should be disabled by default and some core mechanics should be slightly altered.
    b) Unlock the 'mission deployment' tab immediately.
    c) Unlock all weapons respective to your class immediately
    d) Don't make leveling so reliant on the campaign missions (They are fun to revisit but not every season). Scale the base experience in random missions a little more or increase the XP tarot card bonus.
    e) Increase the rate of blue print drops or scale down the cost of blue prints. As a veteran player things that get me back into the game are "Oh, I want to do a heavy bolter build this time" but waiting so long to level up, unlock the weapon, wait for a good weapon drop and then have money to respec/reforge is such a.

I'm not a pro, just a casual player whom would be more invested into the game if the items above were addressed in some manner. I love the Warhammer universe and RPG's so the game will always have a place in my favorites.

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Steelpain's Season of the Inferno Feedback
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