Something is really wrong about dropping !


Hi there !

I'd like to provide a summary for current bugs about item droppings:

1. After certain amounts of items have dropped, nothing would drop from regular/median enemies.

This is described in more details in this thread:

proof video here:

2. Sometimes, certain items or tarots will get lost after returning to the bridge.

proof  video here:

3. Also, it seems the drop rates of  void shards are severely imbalanced, I got hundreds of Crimson shards but almost no Ivory shard, which I think can't be explained by chance.

Maybe there're more bugs. A thorough check is perhaps needed.

Thanks for your effort!

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Something is really wrong about dropping !
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292 days ago
I second that crimson void shards thing, Ive got 432 of them. Ivory on the other hand I've been sitting at 32 for some time now. 

Either the drops are decided by the type of enemy you kill, or someone in the team is in love with the color crimson.
294 days ago
The first issue will be checked by our testers.

The second one got fixed internally and will be included in our Seasonal patch.

The 3rd will be checked as well.

The 4th is under investigation already with moderate results. We will keep searching!

Thanks for the input!

295 days ago

Hi Marco:

1. I have tested the drop problem with the drop buff in this week. 

I think the dropping issue is ameliorated (most enemies drop normally now), but not totally gone (for seasonal skull).

To be more specific:

After many items have been dropped (and  perhaps, with many items lay on ground, which is very likely to happen if players choose not to pick items below relic) , there is high chance that nothing would drop from the seasonal skull, especially if the skull is summoned from seasonal temple.

This might be reproduced by:

a. Open an intel mission and turns it into Seasonal boss mission, the Purge one might be easier  to find this problem.

b. Set tarot : "The Arch Enemy" (which increases item dropping) .

c. Set auto-pick : not picking items below relic.

d. Kill most enemies in the mission. 

e. Summon a seasonal skull from the temple near the end of the map, kill it and see if it drops.

2. The void crusade shard drop rate is still not balanced. Confirmed from new players that join the game in this October

Some new issues:

3. It seems no villains could be generated in one of the Seasonal Boss mission (the Callous Hunt one), even with the tarot effect:"+2 villains in the mission".

4. Also strangely, some players found if they group in size of 3-4 people,  there is high chance that their loot would be gone after mission.

Hope these information helps.

354 days ago

Its probably irrelevant now, but I have the same drop issue with Ivory and the one that's next in the list. I just figured they were low tier drops and stopped dropping because I had a high loot quality/quantity. 

Ive also been turning shards into dust to turn them into Ivory because it was the only way to get 5 of them so I could do it for the season challenge.

356 days ago

Okay, after your reply, on another attempt we could reproduce the problem with the inconsistent shard drop rate. Thanks, you were of great help!:)

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357 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 357 days ago
The Ivory shard drop-rate problem hasn't been found, they drop equally.

The drop-rate of the Empyrean Seals was fixed last week.

The item drop problem presented in the video was not found by us. May I ask did you experience the same even after the patch got released?

I guess not, but I'm not entirely sure.

1. For the no drop from median enemies  problem, I've run one or two Mech missions with large amount of drops after the new patch, the dropping seems to behave normal.

I guess the 2.4.1 patch somehow fixed this. But the true test remained to be seen, when the next "Week of the Hoard" comes. 

2.  For the item lost after mission issue, I didn't find this issue myself, some other player provided that video but he's been away from keyboard for a while.

3. For the ivory shard drop problem, I still can't believe I had such bad luck LOL.

My shard collection for my seasonal character  is now:

2,10,3,7,33,51,77,117,191, from ivory to crimson. It looks suspicious to me because it's increasing in an arbitrary way.

I didn't run much void crusade this season,  and I seldom turn shards into dust, so these severly unbalanced numbers are what I got from drops.

You may wish to look into more accounts to check if similar things happen at large scale.

Maybe something other than dropping  is wrong? I don't have an idea, hope you guys find the answer soon.....

357 days ago
The Ivory shard drop-rate problem hasn't been found, they drop equally.

The drop-rate of the Empyrean Seals was fixed last week.

The item drop problem presented in the video was not found by us. May I ask did you experience the same even after the patch got released?

1 year 14 days ago
4. The drop rate of Emperean seals are also imbalanced.

In fact, many players including me almost got none of them.

As of now, I'm not sure whether they have never dropped, or they got lost after mission. I tend to believe the former case.

1 year 15 days ago

I think you're probably right Nathual. 

Let's hope these issues could be fixed soon...

1 year 15 days ago
A lot of the problems I am noticing atm seem to be pointing to their random number generator that rolls a number and then returns the final value against the percentage chance to produce the outcome for a drop. It is too heavily weighed or not properly weighted. As random number generators are not truly random. It doesn't explain all the problems you presented, but it does explain some of it. It is the same with the warp anomalies and like you mentioned item drops. Good job on putting together the research.