PS4 Sound gone while playing


Hi devs,

I've seen mention of this in posts with different topics and I'm pretty sure you are aware but I thought to mention this specifically.
If this is a redundant post, please ignore this.

Over the past few weeks, when playing co-op or solo, the sound disappears completely.
Not only from the game but also from the console. The only thing still working is de sound from e.g. the captain speaking through the controller audio during a mission.

Completely quitting the game restores all sounds, including the sound from the console.
After starting up the game again, the sound will be all right, until -at random it seems- the sound disappears again.

This does not happen very often, but often enough to feel it.
I haven't had this problem in a very long while and it seems it's back since a couple of weeks ago.


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PS4 Sound gone while playing
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1 year 345 days ago


Don't know if this going to help but i have the exact same issue than Heruceva.

This a very old issue on ps4 but a rare one and not  coop only , i have encounter the issue in solo only since i play on ps4.

For me this is always the same thing who seem to trigger the issue, this is when many  sound effect   happen at the same time the sound seem to saturate and dissapear completely.

For example  using  weapons like heavy bolter  with a lot of enemies on screen seem to trigger the issue more frequently for me.

Other than this rare issue, the sound design is really fantastic in this game, definitely one of the main reason i like this game so much, i just wanted to say it on side note :)

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2 years 30 days ago
Thanks for the detailed report!

We could reproduce the problem but are struggling to find a fix to it as we are not yet sure what is causing it. Even so, we will keep trying as this one is an important bug.

2 years 40 days ago
Well, if it helps you in any way. I know that you are not the only ones experiencing this. And this isn t a problem within the specific game of Inquisitor itself.

I think it may have and is for the Console update itself to do, for both versions. For both Playstation and Xbox. I have myself an Xbox I play games on. Some times, not often at all, but it happens, ALL the sound just suddenly vanishes, and I mean it ALL. It happens in an instant. usually quicker then you snaps your fingers.

And the one and only way you can get it back on, is to quite simply just restart the entire Console. That is the only thing that helps to get all sound back.

2 years 41 days ago

Hello Neocore!

Sorry to bring up this very old post 'back from the dead'. But I thought I'd add to a post that already existed instead of make up a new one. Since the issue is identical to our own.

My core group of 3 friends and I have been enjoying the game immensely on PS4. Really happy you are continuing to support and develop it.

Most of the game is working well, although we all recognize a certain 'leak' or instability in the game client when playing Multiplayer. The more of our 'core group' is playing together, the faster we can usually expect some stuttering and in this case: complete sound drop-outs.

So what happens is that regardless of who is hosting the session, at some point one of us will lose either all game sounds, but can still hear Party chat. Or that person will lose both all game sounds, and can no longer hear anyone else in our Playstation Party Chat.   Quite often we can still hear them talking, but they can't hear us or any game sounds.

We haven't found any real pattern to this other then:

1) It happens more often with 3 or 4 players in the group, rarely with 2 players and almost never when solo.

2) It always happens in a mission, after we have all loaded.  Sometimes near the beginning of the mission, but really it could happen any time.

3) It always affects 1 person, but not the others in the group/chat.

4) If we finish the mission, that persons Game/Chat comes back during the loading screen back to the Command Bridge. But only while the 'progress bar' is on screen. Once the Command Bridge is loaded and we spawn, the affected person will lose game/Chat again. 

5) We can usually count on the bug appearing after increasing numbers of missions. So if we've done a few missions in our play group, the longer we play, the more often we seem to run in to the Sound bug (or other performance/stability issues).

6) We have the same core group of 4 players across many PS4 games/titles. This is the only one we've played where this particular bug is happening, so it would definitely seem to be related to the Inquisitor client, rather then maybe one of our systems...

I haven't noticed any pattern in terms of missions types, enemies, terrain sets, etc. Seems to happen at random times in any mission.

Fix: The only fix for us is when the affected player closes the game client. Then, all PS4 sounds and Party Chat return instantly.  We will usually all close our respective game clients at the same time anyway, thus 'flushing out' whatever leaks or other issues the client was accumulating after x number of missions.

We love the game too much to be thwarted by this bug, but it is quite annoying when it happens.  Hopefully some of these details help you. 

Thank you! 


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