Some features that could be helpful


Hi there! Just some thoughts :


1. There could be more detailed damage report or damage test scene

For most of the time, it is exciting to see the game keeps evolving.

On the other hand, it has been proved that it could be very hard to keep all the helping texts in different languages correctly updated in time.

And it is in fact NOT POSSIBLE  to cover all the questions regarding to the game mechanisms.

I believe by having more detailed damage report after battle,  or even a dedicated scene for damage testing(where players beat up a damage-testing pole and see the repots), this problem could be somehow relieved: if people have great concern about how the mechanisms work, they could try them out themselves and form their theories.

a. For example , there has been discussion about the efficiency between DoT builds or normal builds. If we could see how much damage is done by Burning/Bleeding/Poisoning, and how much is from direct attacks, it could help people adjust their builds.

 b. Such damage report could also be useful in testing the damage-converting mechanisms,. like "damage turned in to warp type after taking hits"


2. Minion stats and survival status

a. More stats like resistance and attack speed should be shown in the construct board.


3. Quick apply of Tarot cards set

a. During playing my season 3 character, I found it a little tedious to keep selecting the Tarot cards. Maybe I'm not the only one.

Some function that quickly applies the last Tarot set I used, or "Favorite set I/II/III" could be of help. 


Thank you and Best wishes!

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Some features that could be helpful
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