[PC] Content Update for Inquisitor - v2.3.7 - June 3


Patch 2.3.7

New event: Warhammer Skulls

Event description:

  • Dire news, Inquisitors. The vile Archenemy agents known as "Skull Procurators" - thought to have been utterly exterminated last year - have returned. Several Prognosticars have confirmed that the hated forces of Chaos have renewed their efforts to bring their "Skull Tithe" ritual to fruition. To combat this re-emergent threat, the Conclave has issued a new specialized implant designed to gather more detailed data. When equipped, this improved and sanctified cogitator unit will identify the abominations and stream extended analytical kill data. Let us all do our part in the righteous struggle to end this most insidious scheme once and for all!

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the Angel of Death effect so the Death Incarnated achievement can be accomplished
  • Fixed an issue where upon equipping a helmet with the Crusader, its armour's kneepads disappeared
  • After unlocking a new perk slot with the Tech Adept it was not possible to activate any perk from the list. This problem occurred only with the controller
  • Fixed a string and placeholder of the Poisoned Souls DLC. The issue appeared under the Special Missions window
  • In the description of the Adept Dominus sub-class the suggested weapon was labeled to Arc Rifle instead of Plasma Caliver Beta. This has been corrected
  • Under the Shockwave Psychic Power the Telekinetic Shock and Blast were duplicated. They have been corrected
  • Various localization fixes, mostly in the Russian localization
  • Fixed a small cursor-related issue
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[PC] Content Update for Inquisitor - v2.3.7 - June 3
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3 years 14 days ago
Not yet but based on the development phase, there will probably be one update in July.
3 years 16 days ago

Is there a date for the release of the patch (the fixed bugs part) for consoles?