coop lags pls help


Playing with a friend on the co-op, we have lags at a ping of 60, while in a single game they are not. There is it possible to fix it some how?Pls help!!

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coop lags pls help
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100 days ago

At the same time, these problems with teleporting the character and freezing it do not start from the beginning of the level,  after several opponents

100 days ago

Almost nothing has changed.What could be the problem and what other solutions are there?

102 days ago

Some changes in your settings might help you resolving the problem:

- First check if the game runs on your integrated or dedicated card. There is a panel for this in the settings (if it is missing you can check it here: Right-click on the desktop > Display settings > Display > at the bottom Graphics settings > search for the exe file > click options > there the card will be displayed. The steps are for Win10

- Try enabling/disabling the followings:
    Frame Blending
    Anti Aliasing
    Enabling V-Sync helped a few players
    Sync CPU to GPU