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So, after a couple of hours in the Founding build, I wanted to give you my impressions, including both praise and some constructive criticism.

First of all, I think you got the feel and pace of combat down pretty well. Enemies are both slow enough to make ranged combat a viable choice, even when going solo, yet the melee ones are quick enough to force you to take care of them first so they don't overrun you. The weapons seem well thought out. Balancing is still a bit iffy, like the Plasma-Cannon not packing quite the punch one would expect, even against heavily armored targets (which should be its fort√©), or the Flamer having too short of a range to be actually useful, but such things are to be expected of an early alpha. 

On the bug side of things, I actually encountered surprisingly few of them. What I noticed was:

1. Some enemies don't drop when killed but instead seem to revert to their standard idle pose.

2. Chainswords are held like a pistol and don't play an animation when used.

3. Loot gathered during missions is apparently sucked into the warp. Or we might have an infestation of Blood Ravens somewhere on our ship...

4. My testing session was pretty much ended for me by the game crashing after completing a mission.

Last but not least, some small ideas to make the game flow better:

1. Roof clutter (like chandeliers) and doorway-arches should fade out quicker. Oftentimes I enter a new room, enemies start shooting at me but I can't return fire until I'm halfway into the room because my sight of them is blocked by the doorway.

2. The cover mechanic could use some work, like dashing to cover once we are at a certain distance to it. Having to walk right up to it, while not exactly bad, is nonetheless a bit tricky if clicking slightly behind it will send our characters running around right into enemy fire.

And that's my two cents for now. Will let you know if I find anyhting else. Great job so far, really impressed, even by this early Alpha!

P.S.: And apparently the Title and description of my post are mirrored. I dunno. Warp-shenanigans or something!

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snoisserpmI tsrif yM
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7 years 11 days ago
Thanks for all the detailed feedback man!

We are glad that you like the game, and your suggestions are definitely noted.