First experience -Good and Bad-plus bugs


I have about two hours of gameplay in and have quite a bit of mixed feelings. First let me say, thank the Emperor this dev team is on the right track, the gameplay design is good, fun and tactical, making even fighting similar or repetitive fights engaging, fun and satisfying to blow up, stab or shoot. I love the skill tress thus far and can only eagerly wait to see the other builds for the non-crusaders.

Which now has me telling my friends to watch this game, as I think it'll quickly become a hit once its up and running.

Obviously this is Alpha so here are my bug problems. Nearly every enemy other than nurglings and their ilk do the T man rag doll pose when killed, even when exploded. Gore affects look great when they work, more often than not, though, blood or bits shoot out of a T man pose. Plasma gun is just a shiny no detail item in my game. The outline is there but otherwise its just a glowing white/silver thing.

Game is wholly unstable on my rig. Glad to hear its working better on others. I have played over two hours and don't recall how many missions but I have yet to complete one. If I am lucky, it'll run till about 2/3 through a mission and then the screen will freeze, but the game will continue. I can click still do actions/skills and I can hear the audio advancing/continuing. In hopes of helping debug this here is what I have noticed...

 I have only seen one slight pattern. Often if there are loads of enemies (not nurgling swarms but medium minions) and in particular the large Square rooms which often hold dreads, walking into those often triggers the screen freeze.

I have been able to recreate this crash consistently, by playing the heavy bolter and simply firing the skill which does area damage (area denial or something like that), just shooting it in a general direction, on the floor, not at an enemy, causes my screen to lock up.

If I alt tab, I can minimize but the screen is still frozen. Alt F4 does nothing, oddly enough. if I control Alt Del, task manager pops up, but cannot be pulled onto main monitor. To kill the .exe I had to log off windows and resign in to force it to shut down. 

A crude work around I currently have going, is I preemptively load up Ctr Alt Del and pull it to my second or third monitor and have it display my hardware and performance settings to keep track of whats going on.

When my screen freezes, the game goes on and audio continues for about 45 seconds. Then the audio loops but my RAM and processor drop from 15% and 32% usage to about 7 and 25 respectively (just above idle). But no other action can be taken to the software and I must shut it down via task processes.

Not sure if this will be any help but oddly enough, if I nearly max out my graphics (4k) and put most things on high, it stresses my video card (not surprising) but I crash much less frequently, (very surprising). If I run the game on super low, on 1080p or even medium, I may often get my screen freeze two minutes into a mission, however if my graphics settings are on very high or near max, I'll often go 20 minutes before it locks up.

Lastly, I have yet to have a crash outside of a mission. I can be in bridge, star map or whathave you, but only lock up in missions.

Hope this is helpful devs!

Forgot to add Rig details. 

CPU TypeIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5675 @ 3.07GHz, RAM 16gigs, AMD Radeon R9 290x, Driver 16.12.2 (latests) Windows 10 [(64bit)also lateest build] and running the game on a Samsung SSD 850 evo (also running the samsung magican driver*)

*I add that because other alpha build games apparently had trouble with it for some reason

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First experience -Good and Bad-plus bugs
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7 years 107 days ago
Have you tried to run the game in Windowed (Borderless)?

Had the same problem as you have. Always crash round half of the mission. Most if I switched weapon or hordes of enemys.

After this change I could complete two missions without crash. (One at the loading screen after finishing the mission). And best of all I finally could choose my native 4k resolution.

All settings maxed out.

7 years 107 days ago
I'm in the same boat as you. However, I find it while switching weapons as Crusader, it tends to crash the game.
7 years 107 days ago
Thanks man, we are working on the fix as we speak! Stay tuned.