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Hi there,

I just downloaded the new build, I try to record every bug or dubious behavior I encounter in this thread. 

#1 Key-bind bug - 11/02/2017

If I use a key for Function "A" (e.g. move forward) that's already been used by function "B" (e.g. switching weapons), I can't bind any key to function "B" to - at least the field will remain empty.

#2 Close button bug - 11/02/2017

Close button doesn't work on the Skills screen.

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Illustrated bug thread
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7 years 156 days ago
Thank your for your feedback! Keep up the good work!
7 years 156 days ago

#3 Language settings 11/02/2017

In the Gameplay tab, the Language option's input method is a text field. This might be just unfinished, but a drop-down list would be more intuitive.

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