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So far I have two hours of the game under my belt and I have to say even at its current state its fun to play and that's awesome.

As of now I have encountered a few issues and I'll list them for you without knowing if they have been reported before or not.

Option wise: It seems, that at least for me, every time you set the graphic options on something other than Low it resets to low immediately after quitting the option menu, I do not know if its a visual bug or an actual bug but as far as the option menu is concerned it stays on very low.

Also, the "Camera shake" option is lacking a proper tooltip.

I don't know if you added it because people said something or it was in the founding version all along but the alpha text in the upper side and on log in is a good addition.

Items - Without knowing if its the final skin of the items or not, I think that just green or blue or other color overlay isn't gonna cut it, the items should have a unique look and at least several different skins maybe, think, Grim Dawn.

Some items are also missing tooltips, for example I had one which only said suppression_resistance_max or something like that.

Character screen, obviously not the final version but if and when items will be available to view on the character you should make the hero spin so we can look at it from all angles, that's of course if visual changes will be seen.

Screenshots now work, which is fun, no more black screen crash.

Esc button doesn't crash the game, hooray.

Innoculator - at some point I looked at it and it was missing the textures for some reason, I think it was just a minor bug that suddenly got fixed when I loaded a different level.

Assault Jump - has no effect, just literally a jump, without the assault part.

I think a wonderful idea would be to add range indicators on abilities when you hover with the mouse above them, this way we can get a feel of how close we need to get and whats our capabilities without having to memorize every single range scheme by itself.

Inventory, at least for me, doesn't work in game at all. As in, in mission.

Items seem to disappear after missions, only getting the items from the bag reward.

As was mentioned as some point, while the melee is a cool addition it still feels very clunky, the animation is repetitive and unresponsive at worst, its hard to aim at specific targets and some times the wide cone melee skills feel really like just any regular attack you make, obviously its just the founding version but melee really needs an overhaul.

Reborn Warlocks seem to be standing still for way too long, some of them not engaging the player unless he attacks them first or gets really really close, even if enemies around them do engage the player(at the same range).

A quality of life change would be to remove the 3 grenade cap on supplies, there is no point in limiting the grenade usage, and it also makes no sense to collect 3 grenades and still have just 3 grenades, either make the supplies drop nothing if grenades are full, or remove the cap itself. Grenades at the moment dont feel overly all powerful so the cap seems unnecessary. 

Heavy Flamer, skill bound to 1, Wide Spray, lacks animation, it shoots random green blue red lines.

Unsaleable items are still saleable, it pops a message, unsaleable, yet sells them anyway.

When not playing with others the party vote to finish game should be removed, instead, how about adding a small "Finish" or "End" button on the side of the screen where its plainly visible after completing the mission.

At some point, though I dont know how to recreate it, there was an enemy which was literally a banner, not a banner carrier, just a banner, anyway it missed a tool tip and its name was in code.

In the pre founding version if you pressed E in the correct time you would see a small cutscene kill, the option seems to be broken in the current version as nothing triggers the E press even when the icon is shown and than the player just stands in place while the enemy dies.

I think a good option to add to heat based weapons is the option to vent heat as a skill.

Already mentioned before but quite an obvious one, (In other threads), there is a serious lack of death animations and mutants, heretics and abominations tend to just keep standing in place after dying, mocking the emperor with their ever vigilant stare. 

Melee movement speed is faster, which is good, I think that in general the Crusader could use a movement speed increase as it makes the maps quite long.

Gobblers lack a tooltip, soldier.gobbler.name.

That's all I noticed for now, hope it helps.

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Thanks for your feedback! We are already working on the issues that you've reported - hope that we can push the update live asap.