since the shrines have changed instead of finding 3 shrines now have a time limit of 20 sec . the 20 sec isnt enough time to even benifit the bonus from activating the shrine need more time from for the bonus or go back to finding 3 shrines 

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1 year 55 days ago
i agree. most of the times i notice them once i cleared that spot ^^
1 year 56 days ago
Agreed, they need to be at least 2 minutes otherwise they expire before you even use them
1 year 57 days ago

Most maps you waste 5-10 sec of the buff re positioning back to the action if you stumble across them before the you've cleared the area. solution would be to make them behave like the sentry guns activation, hit 5 to activate the buff. Also have them show up on the map if within close proximity would be nice.

1 year 57 days ago
They did what?!

Seriously, why the hell would they do this?!

1 year 58 days ago

indeed. 20 sec is realy short.