Shadowsword Tank [level] has no sound for its engine!


When you reach the section of the campaign where you drive a Shadowsword tank the tank itself has no audio, all the weapons are fine - however when you drive it - its silent, to say this is a little odd is an understatement.

I'm finding more and more bugs the further I get into the campaign - I'm also getting sections when your Inquisitor should speak (the text comes up) but nothing is said out loud.

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Shadowsword Tank [level] has no sound for its engine!
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6 years 12 days ago
Yep, that is true as you say. This Tank is not having any sound. Was a bit odd. But then again, I don´t take it that very important. So far, I have only played 1 single Mission with such a Heavy Tank. I can certainly live with a bug like that as having no sound for a Big Tank in this game.

But imagine the Technology they are having in this era. I´m sure they are having great Tech that are making great big Machines/Engines almost silent.