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Introducing the Warzone



We're proud to introduce a new event and game mode for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, and it's called the Warzone. 

The Warzone is a new narrative based endgame game mode, where the Inquisitors of the Caligari Sector will have to fight endless waves of enemies to stop the spreading of Chaos. Only the bravest and most skilled agents of the Inquisition will survive this challenge, and ultimately bring down the most devastating enemy they have ever faced. The most powerful items, armors and weapons are also hidden in the Warzone, making it the perfect hunting ground for Inquisitors who want to develop their characters even further!  

How does it work?

  • You need to have a Power Rating of 1100 to be able to participate. 
  • Travel to the Lacaon System and locate the point of interest marked with an Inquisitorial sign. 
  • There are 5 narrative Stages (with their own storylines), and each narrative Stage consists of 10 battles. 
  • Battles have certain Hazards (challenge parameters), one is unlocked at the end of every Stage
  • In the Warzone you will be able to gain new rewards, collect Favours, unlock three passive and an active skill slot. 
    • Skill slots are gained by advancing your ranking in the Warzone, and these skills are only usable in the Warzone. Overall there are 20 passive and 4 active skills to choose from.
    • Favours will be later used for summoning the Nemesis.
  • After the 50th battle, an endless mode will be available.

Event Description:

A Warp Anomaly has turned into a terrible Rift in the Lacaon System  the Eye of the Despoiler has opened wide!

The recent incursion of three Chaos Space Marine Legions has turned the local Imperial worlds into blood-soaked battlefields, but the aftermath has just begun. 

The Eye of the Despoiler has bloated into a tear in the fabric of realspace, constantly disgorging the filth of Chaos into the System. They are headed towards Lacaon Maioris. It must be the culmination of a plan hatched by the three Traitor Legions, using the countless lives sacrificed in the System to feed a ritual which opened up that dormant Anomaly. While the Inquisition was tied up on other worlds, on the seemingly safe Lacaon Maioris the foul Chaos Sorcerers must have completed the ritual. 

Lacaon Maioris has become a warzone of Chaos. The Ecclesiarchy has petitioned for a veto of the Exterminatus and sympathetic members of the Conclave are relocating all available assets there. Inquisitors must fight the tides of darkness before it spreads out into the Subsector. 


Warzone will launch on July 5th at 5PM CET after a short server maintenance!

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Inquisitor - Martyr Introducing the Warzone
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5 years 345 days ago
So I'm past mission 50 :P where is this endless mode? not that it seems to have been that worthwhile. Ive not got any items in all those missions that are of any worth at all......
5 years 347 days ago
so you tell me I should seriously:

- play missions that give neither fate nor credits and about 1-3 blue items each?!

- gathering "favour" that I can spend for special perks and abilities only in WZ, paying for each use?!

- gaining "favour" and WZ-levels that are nonexistant for anything outside the WZ?!

- playing the exact same mission 50 times to unlock probably a endless version of it?!

Please enlighten me what I missed,
this whole construct seems a bit odd to me.

5 years 347 days ago
Is Warzone only single player, or can we go in with clan mates?
5 years 348 days ago
After 1st mission, can't join the server to continue Warzone...
5 years 348 days ago
and how lomg? steam was tolding till 5pm and now we have 6:10
5 years 348 days ago
well thats convenient having the evening off :)
5 years 348 days ago

I really appreciate a pre-update post, thanks!

5 years 348 days ago

Short server maintenance from 4PM CET!

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