Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v1.0.6c - July 6


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. Please also note that during maintenance, players will be unable to login.


  • Warzone: Players now receive regular loot and credit drops from missions
  • Warzone: Players now receive Rank XP
  • Warzone timer has been increased from 10 to 15 minutes
  • Unholy Cathedral: Enemies now drop Credits, and if you surrender after 5 minutes, you still get rewards

Fixed Bugs

  • Warzone Rank bonuses are now applying correctly
  • Warzone progress bar now works properly
  • Fixed the Supply drop on kill enchant
  • Fixed a bug where higher Warzone difficulty missions could not be started
  • Fixed a bug where summoning skills did not work sometimes
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Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v1.0.6c - July 6
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316 days ago

Haven't been able to try it yet... Content Version Error again.

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317 days ago

Thanks a lot for all  this work! it is important to say it.

So, i took the Grandmaster Pack, because I believe so much in what you do. We feel the passion that you put there.  Thank you for this game.

The Emperor protects!

318 days ago
still reads 10 minutes ingame
318 days ago
When will all the broken/not working passives be fixed?