Several Bugs


I encountered a Rebel Walker (one man walking vehicle) that desperately tried to go back to its starting position, but failed. Thus it was regenerating health all the time and could not be killed until I acquired several guardsman and then killed it. Even a gun emplacement I had lured the walker to was unable to bring the walker's health to lower than 70% (before I got the guardsmen).

It seems that I can no longer target exploding barrels with the left-mouse-button attack, which I find really annyoing. I do not want to spend a special attack to get the barrel to explode...

Destroyed weapon emplacements still leave invisble obstacles on the map. The cleaning up routine of the game removes the wreckage of the gun emplacement and replaces it with clear ground, but I am unable to traverse that ground. It is as if the gun emplacement is still there. I have reported this months before, and it is still unrepaired :-(

Unreachable loot chest, embedded in scenery

Dysfunctional gun emplacement, partly embedded in scenery. Luckily for me the enemey could not use it either...

These walls should have been placed at a 90° angle to how they are placed now. The routine that built the level turned these walls in a wrong way. In the first picture is a wall that contains a doorframe, in the upper middle of the picture, this doorframe is obviously misplaced. In the second picture you can see the backside of a wall that should have been the back wall of the room behind it.

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Several Bugs
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4 years 258 days ago

The Rebel walker is a 'Sentinel'.  I believe this game uses the armoured Sentinel variants.

The more you know!