Second game breaking bug


Had to create my second character, since the first could not progress due to bugged primary quest. The second character could proceed a little bit further in the main story, since I tried hard to avoid any alternative ways of solving the quests. Example of this is to lure the enemies out of their base and proceed to infiltrate their base to rescue the tech priest. This will often end up bugging out.

Now...I was a bit to adventures and wanted to really try a hard mission with -100% damage and +97% damage taken, just to test how the psyker can handle the hard missions. It did not go so well due to the opening room and how hard i was swarmed by 3 champions, a turret and 20-30+ smaller ranged mobs (ALOT tougher than any boss fight so a bit strange to create these types of rooms as the first one....guess they new i was coming and really wanted to kill me). I died 3 times quite fast, and when i clicked the button to return to command bridge the game crashed.

Now...the kicker...I can still logg on to the game, and log on to any of my previous (bugged) characters, but if I want to log on to my psyker that just crashed out after the failed mission, then the game will crash in 100% of the tries. Have tried 10+ times already, but it looks again that the game has come to a very pre emptive halt. 

Have already placed 119 hours into the game, but this patch is by far the worst one when it comes to game breaking bugs. Hopefully they learn allot by our reports, but I think it is time for me to take a break, as I am starting to loose faith and patience by the current state. This makes testing of higher level skills (most likely bugged as all hell) impossible.

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Second game breaking bug
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