Secondary Objective - Rescue Guardsmen


Hi  at All,

Encountered the Objective with the Guardsmen twice (or maybe three times), tried to save them, but they died always very quickly. Couldn't even see them alive on the Screen, just found the corpses of them in the blue uniform. Did someone else manage to save them or am I the one who is to slow? Nevertheless it always seemed like I completed the Task, although I never saw any survivors.

In my opinion they could be somewhat beefier.

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Secondary Objective - Rescue Guardsmen
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6 years 327 days ago

I encountered this sidequest twice and managed to save them both times.

Now, 'saving' them means to get them out of their immediate situation, like killing all enemies in the same room you encounter them with at least one guardsman surviving.

They always die later during the mission while escorting you...

6 years 327 days ago

I always jumped right to them an no matter if they all died or some survived I got the X for the Mission sooo I thought I saved them?

6 years 328 days ago

Well, you probably have to execute them anyway, due to their exposure to the forces of the ruinous powers...

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6 years 328 days ago

Well, I saw them for a moment in the middle of enemy group. Sadly, an airburst grenade was already on the way there. Side mission complete, no guardsmen alive.

6 years 328 days ago

Imho it teaches you a valuable life lesson - No matter what you do and how hard you try - Guardsmen will probably die. Accepting this and praising their brave sacrifice is the best you can do. Or Buff their health. 

6 years 328 days ago

Guardsmen are supposed to die, its their job :)

I have saved them once out of 3 times by rushing in and shooting everything but there is not much point as they just follow you until you meet the next group of enemies where they do their job and die horribly for the Emperor.

Also, you seem to complete the objective if they live or die anyway.