Inquisitor - Martyr: Content patch v0.5


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. It is also recommended to delete any launch parameters you previously had (you can re-add them if they help again, but it is safer to assume everything works best without them). Please also note that the backend server might take up to 30 minutes to transfer to the newest update, during which time login will not be possible.


New Map Setting: Mining Operation

Explore new challenges in our newest map subsetting, the Mining Operation. Beware, danger lies behind all that heavy machinery.

New Faction: Rebels

The Astra Militarum or the Imperial Guard is the primary combat force in the Imperium of Man, a vast army comprised of billions of soldiers and thousands of regiments. But there are circumstances when even the most loyal troops reach a breaking point and turn into deserters or rebels. Sometimes these Guardsmen aren’t even aware how far they have strayed from the path – in the Caligari Sector, where the vicious and local Warpsurges can cut off whole systems for a very long time, there are recently re-discovered planets protected by armies that have gradually devolved into twisted remains of the original Imperial forces during the long centuries of abandonment. Regardless of the circumstances, whenever this happens, the Inquisition will retaliate harshly and deal with these military bands gone rogue.

Miscellaneous new features and changes

  • Added a bug report button to the ESC menu which takes players to the Mantis Bug tracker (Guide here)
  • Several new map variations added
  • The Vendor in the Hub now resets its stock every 4 hours
    • There is a timer in the shop now so players can monitor the reset
  • Shop and storage backgrounds are now animated as well along with the others
  • Summoned creatures are now purged when a PvP round has ended
  • New Level Up effect
  • Smoothed out camera movement
  • Added a bunch of Relic enchants
  • While dropping loot, the game now takes the player's gear into consideration
  • Players can no longer receive the same item twice in the same lootbox
  • Players can no longer receive items with a higher leven than their character level
  • Added new videos for the Mission Screen
  • New Map Script: Flame Trap
    • If you cross the laser barrier, you'd better prepare for the barbecue!
  • Assassins can use Pistols now!
  • Players now receive Fate Points as well when they sell Artificer/Relic items
  • Tarot Missions now cost Fate for every party member
    • If a player disconnects from a co-op Tarot Mission, but the others finish the mission, the d/c-ed player will receive loot
  • Failed Tarot Missions now disappear from the Starmap


  • Tweaked Small and Medium map categories so they respect their sizes more accurately. Players will be less likely to encounter longer Small maps now
  • Hunt: All 3 targets are now Elites
  • Assassination: All 3 targets give a 20% damage and HP buffs to all enemies on the map
  • Buffed the Flash Grenade and Delayed Frag Grenade
  • Elite Monsters' Charge ability no longer damages other enemies


  • Fixed a bug where the Broken Turret script made Purge missions impossible
  • Modified video position on the mission screen so it does not overlap with the overview/choices buttons
  • Shrines do not damage players anymore
  • Assault script is now triggered when the player interacts with any of the 3 elements of it, instead of just being activated when meeting the friendly NPCs
  • Fixed a bug where System points (reference points for Elite Portals/Towers) were missing on several maps
  • Fixed the Eternal Warrior perk bug
  • Fixed the lag with several spawn scripts, notably Skull Spawn and Spoils of War - these will now be preloaded
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed a placeholder icon at the Inoculator Slot on the Level Up screen
  • Fixed missing images on Tarot cards
  • Directives now progress properly, in co-op as well
  • Fixed a typo at the Cabal Rank description
  • Fixed an issue where closing the menu on a party member's portrait opened the player's own menu
  • Fixed the Tarot Reward stuck bug
  • Fixed an issue where a player could be stuck in a party alone
  • Fixed an issue where an endless loot bag could be level 0
  • Fixed an issue where the portrait did not always update character levels
  • Fixed a bug where the level up reward was not given to players
  • Fixed a bug where the "Perfect Investigation" Heroic Deed was completed even with 3 deaths
  • Fixed a bug where the Heroic Deed "No Turning Back" did not unlock afer reaching the level cap
  • Fixed a bug with the Daily Missions' counters
  • Fixed wrong strings on pending friend invites
  • Queuing for PvP while in a party now displays the ready check for everyone properly
  • Fixed a bug where players could not /invite others with spaces in their names
  • Fixed a bug with the Quick Draw perk

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Inquisitor - Martyr: Content patch v0.5
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6 years 339 days ago
It stacks, yeah.
6 years 339 days ago

So much in such a little patch...Praise the Emperor !!

One question: It says: "Assassination: All 3 targets give a 20% damage and HP buffs to all enemies on the map".

So is that cumulative, 60% at start and then drops as you kill them off, or is it just a flat 20% for the entire mission ?

This comment was edited 6 years 339 days ago by ctiger
6 years 340 days ago

Like the new faction for us to purge, but doubt whether disable the damage for the Elite carge to damage the enemies is a good idea, would test it and feedback if needed. Also thanks for the bug fixes again !

6 years 340 days ago

Well, that explains the "Version Error" message!

Thanks for the updates!