New player Game-Basics (vid)


Please note it's not truly comprehensive and will be replaced in the September edition. Feel free to request further informative content and i'll see what I can do.

Disclaimer - Not much gameplay footage and really aimed at people just picking up the game. 

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New player Game-Basics (vid)
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5 years 51 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Crafting won't need it's own until it works. Currently...

"How to craft well in Martyr. Find a group, open up your starmap, and begin an Uther's Tarot mission. Repeat until you have adequate gear." :P

5 years 51 days ago

Yeah I had thought about doing it in all the detail - figured there was also a risk with lots of detail with players who might just want to jump into the game but have a rough idea what's going on. Feature related guides will / should be easier once they are fully implimented :D crafting will need its own for sure, maybe even 2-3

5 years 52 days ago

Nice job, please make sure you do this again when 3.0 drops. Now, my constructive criticism: I would suggest when you do this again, break it down into smaller chunks. If I were a newbie, I would have felt it was too much, too fast with not enough detail. I think you should break it down into a group of shorter vids(3-5mins) covering a specific topic in greater detail. So for example, you could do:

Making a new character, Equipping a new character, Crafting, The three currencies: credits/glory/fate, The star map, First mission walkthrough. 

You're doing an awesome job of promoting this game...keep it up !!