changes id like to see


first off let me say I love the game, the crafting, the implant customization, the star map, the pvp, the cover system, this game is fantastic... the few problems I really want to see fixed are (number 1) the game is choppy and not smooth even on low graphics, im not sure how you would fix this but its very annoying, (number 2) the textures in game are very fuzzy even on high quality, and (number 3) this is a small one but I noticed the characters hand holding the autogun, his fingers are clipping thru the gun, bad guys clip thru walls, and those spaceship end rooms with the skulls are clip city... I realize this is alpha, but if you want this game to sell in my opinion those are the biggest issues to fix before release... keep up the hard work :) luv the game

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changes id like to see
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6 years 298 days ago

If its of any reasurance optimisation will be done closer to game release so it should look less choppy. Think that AA is still not working either so that might fix some of the funny looking bits. As for the clipping I agree - it's always a bit ugly to see in games.