Roadmap and Communication


I tend to be an avid backer of passion projects, and one thing I've noticed across teams that were able to keep a community paying and contributing, was communication.

After contributing to a founders pack, I haven't found an easy access to a road map, a hint at what to expect next, etc. Just a thought.

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Roadmap and Communication
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7 years 157 days ago
I have to admit it took me a while to find this as well, and by a while i mean around 10 Minutes.  Perhaps they should make it a bit more obvious. 

There will be enough people who miss it and will think that there is no Roadmap. :(

7 years 158 days ago

I'm not sure how hard you looked, but...

It's a little bit buried now, but it was linked on one of the first Community posts by a staff member.
I've actually found that they're on top of a lot and are letting us know when they see and note an issue.