possible new classes and abilities


Kinde of summon tipe. Inquisitor who control servitors or guardsmen or storm trupper.

It can be thru armore abillity thro skills. Or just baying like a mersenary on the ship.

For exemple you can bay up to 10 guardsmen, 5 stromtruper, 5 servitors, or 3 elite accolites(diffrent types). This on hi level of course.

And another feature which will be fun i thinq. By some teleport hommer(which must be conidrble expensive) on the ship and when you health and lives are near to zero some protectig units teleport to you to protect you for any coast its also means that they take 70 percent damege that you recive(its like "look out sir in table top games").

It will be awsome if you add a unique weapons which will be level up themselves whith killing enemys frome it.

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possible new classes and abilities
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7 years 102 days ago
Non-imperium psionics. Like, Eldar ones. And DEFINITELY Chaos ones.
7 years 102 days ago

Probably worth consider aportunity to prebattle prepearing. For example for a credits coast. Put poison or a virus to the fild, or make ordanance bombardment (whitch imposble in closed appartemn offcourse, in ather case poison will be anefficient in open ground). Those abilitys can weaken or even kill the enemy. For example ordanace bambartmen kan kill 80% of weak enemy and leave elites sligtly damaged. Process of aplaying bombardment can be visualise on a mission, or just in some prerecorded cut scene. 

7 years 102 days ago

if add a commisar who will be shoot them some time to get moral restore and baff they damage thet will be even more fun XD

7 years 103 days ago
No bad idea. Some inquisitors let their retinue do all the fighting.