Request to change characters' names? Please:)


Hello! May I request to change characters' names? 

Since Russian translation apparently was made via Google, it's legit easier for me to understand English than… that. But, sadly, when I change settings to eng, game no longer recognizes my inquisitors’ cyrillic names. So, could you please change their names? 

Infiltrator Assassin – Рёко Сетсура – to Ryoko Asano or Kaede Asano.  

Assault Crusader – Адемар – to Ademar.  

P.S. Acc’ name – Cav-El. 

Thanks in advance.

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Request to change characters' names? Please:)
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133 days ago
Thanks, guys! Much appreciated.
133 days ago
Sure, we just changed the names of your characters!:)