Unable to clear exclamation mark above NPC head on bridge


I finished a mission recently using the Mission Deployment screen. It was apparently a campaign mission I had not completed before on the crusader character I was leveling. Now the NPC Ragna Van Winter is locked with a green exclamation mark over her head and I can't clear it. After every mission I complete in a void campaign, I get back to the bridge and I can start the dialogue by clicking on Van Winter, but after it is finished it won't let me do anything else. There is nothing else in the the Mission Deployment screen to continue a campaign mission. I'm sure I have completed the campaign as the journal shows I have all the clues for the final missions. I can't see any of the purple campaign markers in the planet screens as I go around the star map that i may have missed. She just seems stuck in the end of mission dialogue and won't clear, perhaps because I have already completed the next mission? What should I do now to clear the problem? Any help would be appreciated as I can't access that store now.

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Unable to clear exclamation mark above NPC head on bridge
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138 days ago
I can use the store again. The exclamation mark is still there, but I call that a cosmetic problem and not worth worrying about. The campaign missions are showing up again so I will complete them and see if the mark goes away completely. If it doesn't then I won't care if I can use the store even with the green exclamation mark above her head. It's just cosmetic. For now I would call this one fixed. Thanks for your help.
140 days ago
Could you please check that after once more talking with the captain the exclamation mark still remains?