Relic Reroll Power Rating Bug


Rerolling a weapon stat (it was +30 suppression resi per kill) made me lose 5 power rating at a PR of 1500.

The stat i rerolled it to was +18% dmg when surrounded. Rolling the stat back to +31 suppression per kill did not get me back to 1500 PR. It stayed at 1495.

First off all, rerolling at stat on a weapon should not result in a PR loss. This is counterproductive to build an playstyle variety.

Second thing is reverting the reroll made not giving back the lost power rating is a bug undoubtedly.

Love the game. For the Empra!!!

Greetings from Germany

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Relic Reroll Power Rating Bug
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5 years 83 days ago
i noticed the same.
5 years 84 days ago
have u checked its overall PR? i had 3 items i had rerolled that lost PR... went to fusion them and they where at 97-99% insted of 100% so i fused them and got the power rating back... dunno if its intended or a bug tho...