[PC] Just a couple of suggestions I hope you'll consider! :)


The two things that I would like you to consider as good quality of life changes:

1. When using a controller, can we please have the option to seriously tone down the contrast of the unlocked red outline and the locked white outline.  The game has some exceptional graphic models and the outlines are so bright, and large, they ruin the enemies detail - an option a bit like the containers highlight would be much better.

2. When using a controller, when a level is complete - could the exit mission button please be a charge bar (hold the button down) - this would stop the accidental exit of a level - when I only intended to read the latest clue I'd received - if this were to cause complaints how about a toggle option in the menu like everything else.

Very impressed with the game so far, so keep up the good work - the cover mechanic is great and a new take on this sort of game.  Looking forward to some DLC - my wallet is ready! ;)

Thank you for reading.

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[PC] Just a couple of suggestions I hope you'll consider! :)
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