Relic fusion items disappear


Hello, i have recieved two relic items , from my friend. when tried to fuse them, fused relics disappeared. But the fuse % stayed 10...lost 4-5 relics to that....

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Relic fusion items disappear
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4 years 349 days ago

may we ask even after a game restart the items were gone? Please check your inventory and storage too!
In case they are gone please give us your account name. Did you lose the main relic item which was at the center? 

4 years 350 days ago
Well, when you do FUSE Relics, of course the one Relics you do decide to FUSE with the one main Relic you DO FUSE of course they vanish. You used them. What do you expect? It´s normal.

If you do mean the one MAIN Relic you WANT to or DID fuse is vanishing... Well, then you having an issue. That sucks big time, which again is one big bug that needs fixing.