Reflect %Damage Hazard (Heat) causing far more damage than indicated


My Psyker just ran an Intel mission that had "Enemies reflect 3% of heat damage"

Dropping a Firestorm on a Skull group of enemies in a Hunt mission instantly killed me from full hitpoints.  With 3800 HP that means I had to have done at LEAST 126,667 damage from that single strike.  I've had this hazard before and it has NEVER hit me this hard.  

I absolutely HATE reflect damage as a mechanic since it just punishes you for having high damage output.  I'd love for it to be removed from the Hazard pool.

But since that's probably not going to happen, I think it at least needs to be looked into since it seems to be reflecting far more damage than it's supposed to.

Even testing with Molten Beam, ticks of 800-1200 damage resulted in me taking 60-100 points of damage.  That's more than double what I should have been taking.  Plus it seems to 100% ignore damage reduction and resist and I don't know if that's intended or not.

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Reflect %Damage Hazard (Heat) causing far more damage than indicated
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4 years 229 days ago
There seems to be a combination with another Hazard which increases your damage substantially and this causes you to die. We are still investigating the case how the issue could be reproduced. The reflect works properly on its own though.