Re Balancing map rewards


Map Rewards.

I wanted to suggest some form of re balancing the mission reward system. I'm not talking to the particular rewards but the balance between mission types. As of now playing a Purge mission or even worse a Infestation one on medium to large maps tend to be an awful choice from the rewards perspective.

I takes from 2 to 3 more time to clear one of those missions, but you get the same or less xp and the same lot box. Those missions need something to make them more appealing.

Maybe spawning more elites, for a chance to get better gear and advancing difficulty Heroic Deeds. Maybe having a chance for double loot boxes or just a plain increase in xp yields. Maybe some combination to keep things balanced.

So far a fun game. Keep it up!

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Re Balancing map rewards
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7 years 53 days ago
Thank you for your feedback! The mission rewards will change for sure.