RAGNA VAN WYNTER Looped "Through fire and flame"


Hello. RAGNA VAN WYNTER is fixated on Chapter 4 "Through fire and flame" To find the traitor Flavius Draken. The next stage of the quest is not displayed on the star map.

 An exclamation mark is constantly displayed above RAGNA VAN WYNTER, after viewing the message, the exclamation mark does not disappear and there is no access to the store.

I bought the game through Steam, the nickname of the character SunDru, 88 lvl, Crusader class, registered on 31.12.2020.

I ask you for help. Thank you very much.

Store Page
RAGNA VAN WYNTER Looped "Through fire and flame"
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50 days ago

The reported issue has been fixed earlier today. Please check on your character!