Saving Caius Thorn quest bug (Story progression stuck)


My Assault Crusader "Noshijobu" is stuck on the quest Saving Caius Thorn. I have to search 3 locations for Magos Biologis but I can't find her/continue the quests. It's weird though because even though she is not on my command deck, she speaks to me during these Aethon missions (even though I am still "searching for her"). 

I was in a co-op story mission with a sister of battle searching for the Magos Biologis before this, which I believe is the cause of the bug.

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Saving Caius Thorn quest bug (Story progression stuck)
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50 days ago
I had to forwarded this bug to the developer team as it is a little more complex issue. They will try to fix it by Friday at most!