Psyker feedback after nealy 900h and more than a year of playing


Mighty Snakefist would like to give His Mostly Negative Psyker feedback.

The Good

  • Concept of Psyker slowly descends in a madness if overused Chaos energies is AWESOME. Hallucinations, self-damaging effect – all of it.
  • The brooding Chaos sky is strikingly good (if can be seen).

The Bad

  • Psyker model is disappointing and not to His Liking. Arguably, the ugliest model in the game, far below NeoCore standards. [Can we, per chance, see few alternatives and vote? As we did with VH1 Hunter?]
  • Weapons with predefined spell (or worse, two) is not what Snakefist expected.

The Ugly

Where to start, He wonders? Being cheerful, sadistic and honest sociopath, Mighty Snakefist faces Mighty Dilemma! So, without any order…

  • Spells - 18? Good, good, two digits if nothing. Now consider basic mage rule-of-thumb – that every player ever hated, or at least thought unworthy at least one third of spells in any game, this leaves 12, or like 3 2-handers for other classes. Is it enough to keep player interested for couple of years? Builds being able to be counted on fingers doesn’t say so…
  • Level20 is where all spells and all improvements are available. This will make player eager to play 100 levels, for sure – no feeling of improvement is such a powerful motivator.
  • Cooldowns are COOL! While there’s no problem to activate Greataxe skill every 3 seconds, spells (especially defensive or buffs) have tremendous problem with that, so it’s important that they last 20 sec and cooldown 40… Switch weapons, and please wait 80 seconds for this pitiful protection spell to become available. Effectively removes weapon-switch, which is especially important here, because of low number of spells (CURSE YOU, CONTROLLER). Only valid reason for having minute-long cooldown (and we have like 0 in Martyr so far), would be some kind of Armageddon spell. But we don’t have it either.
  • Personally, Mighty Snakefist doesn’t like in particular any of implemented spells. As He was told by a certain, very well versed WH40K Lore expert back from VH days (datguy13, Megapull should remember as well as some other devs), Psykers have no limits in type of ‘spell’ (using that for gaming terminology) and that they can do everything imaginable. I don’t think those 18 are good choice from ‘everything imageable.
  • Psyker weapons – also to limited, and taking valuable spell slots with predefined attacks.
  • Spell enchantments – only 3; 1 will surely be used for improving damage on dps spells, and one or two for improving defensive/support ones, perhaps with cooldown. Leaves 1 or 2, which isn’t much of a customization. Some math:
  • Relic Greataxe (without special skill) can have +20HP/hit, +20sup/h, +32% damage on skill 1 and -32% cooldown on skill 2.
  • Improved attack spell can have enhanced damage (25%?), +10HP/hit and an effect
  • Both can draw bonuses from skilltrees or gear. Relic axe can be improved further by fusion.
  • Axe can be good or better, while spells remain at strict, unchangeable level (lower than Axe)

Mighty Snakefist doesn’t think Psykers are broken in general, but they need lots of work. More and better spells. Better customization with more choices (more than 3, that is), probably in branches (values could be reduced, spell could be spammed with low power or used as heavy hitter). Needing 2 full skilltrees JUST to be able to chose improvements player wants is silly. Having weapon with one (random or selected from group) spells, which is that weapon ‘signature spell’ and reduces Warp heat? That is VERY important, because if I can chose 6 spells (one native, signature – but still not any of those found on staves, not to mention swords) – makes build MINE! 3+replaced book with belt item because I need not die, and belts are best protection (spells are more or less pitiful – 40 dodge over range, really). It is world of difference (alas, Van Helsing, and it’s 8 skills available – as a caster, Mighty Snakefist would much rather play VH40k).

Mighty Snakefist doesn’t think devs can’t or don’t know how to make a good caster. There were 3 Vanhelsings, none suffering from terrible ideas for spells, each having several good escape mechanisms as it should be, in short about everything wrong here was right. And combination hunter/caster, range/caster and full caster were in there, done RIGHT.

3 Psykers:

Sword-Psyker needs to sacrifice the book for belt item. Swords are weaker in comparison with Crusader weapon. Some spells need to be survival one, due to less tankines. This Psyker resembles to melee Crusader.

Pistol-Psyker likely needs to sacrifice the book for belt item, due to weak survival spells. I don’t like this variant, and will say no more of it.

Pure Psyker didn’t sacrifice book, and it’s very fragile. Needs to kite [spits!], which is the most disgusting thing to do in aRPG. Sure, some is needed, but I honestly can’t remember the game where my mage kited so much. Perhaps it’s the number of ranged opponents, projectile speed, slow cast… Anything, something is wrong. Also needs better protection spells.

Spells have the same range as pistols/rifles, Psyker is noticed immediately and there… No nice high-damage reduction spell which would allow enter/attack/retreat. No stealth spell to execute attack/retreat. No clones. No decoys. But there’s OP 100% reduction for 60 seconds, each hit reduces duration for 5 sec! It’s… 12 hits… but if Psyker survives, he always can wait 80 seconds and repeat…

Unlike that, Assassin comes with built-in powerful dodge and great speed... Crusader doesn’t care for 12 hits…

There. Cruel but honest. I waited a year for Psyker and this is one of the worst mages I’ve ever played. Or hybrid. Hopefully, someone will take this serious. Especially since this is the first major flaw Snakefist can’t ignore.

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Psyker feedback after nealy 900h and more than a year of playing
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6 years 131 days ago
Most usefull utility = onehotting everything while taking a walk. Martyr has little to no use of supportive skills because those that are there suck and the mechanics for it suck even more.

I'm still going for armor piercing. More % dmg to get out of the tree. 

They have to put the insta death due overheat probability much higher. I tryed to fry myself the other day and it took like 5 mins until i go boom, pretty pointless to have a overheat mechanic that is so weak.

6 years 131 days ago
Cant find the edit cimments on mobile site

Im assuming that we are only seeing some of the spells? If seeing the lot then yes the class will go stale. The 2 trees for spell mods should be 1 or have the bonuses for completion higher others trees are better to spend points in currently.

All classes should have the ability to move around skills how they see fit including left mouse button.

6 years 131 days ago

Psyker armor skills are a waste of a spell slot period, all 3 are worthless. Any of Defensive buffs with +damage +movement modifiers are better.

Area damage is insanely OP and you say heat ramps quicker with new patch just means i get the extra 20% damage bonus quicker havent played in a few weeks.

Skills set is 2hander ae default attack, 

flame ae +efficiency +warp conversation + extra area, 

hemorrhage -heat/cool down + extra area + efficiency, 

enhance weapon attack spell + efficiency + duration + damage used to rapidly cool down if too many negitive warp effects are active

projectile avoidance +efficiency +damage +movment should be able to keep this up 

Damage redux +efficiency +duration +movment 

Pickup relivant spell mods

Max area skill set

Max hp skill set

Any thing else you want after not going to make much difference as you'll be stomping anything that moves bigger the group more efficient your ae kills are.

Same can be done with single target

Only wish that the mod for affects others would turn skills into auras 

Dont need anymore damage we need usfull utillity for partys

6 years 133 days ago
The heat mechanics are pretty much overhauled with therecent patch. Even if you skill every -heat possible and use the runes you run hot pretty fast.
6 years 134 days ago
i stopped playing my psyker after ending the storyline, and i only played the last levels to get fate for my other charecters, atm a psyker with any amount of skill points is simply waaaay to powerfull, its not even funny, the fire barrage spell, i dont remember the name combined with fiery form with armour piercing and vulnerability kills anything, including dreadnoughts and leman russes in less than 2 seconds, and with skills you can get so much minus heat on it that you can cast anything, including using teleport to zip halfway across the board, and instantly be at no heat when you meet and enemy, i didnt even realy test the other abilitys, cause it was just to good, combined with plus 35 dmg reduktion and plus 40 dodge versus ranged, that i can have up at all time....

i like that the psyker can deal dmg, and do amasing things like dmg reduktion, but it should be on cooldown, so youre badass sometimes, not at other times

and please look into the minus heat mechanics, i didnt use the staff at all after level 14, and not only does it suck to have a skill, theres absolute no reason to use, you simply should not be able to cast only spells all the time without eksploding

6 years 137 days ago

I play with all 3 AoE Spells, Endurance and Firey Form. This build makes the whole game a joke and is the most cheese thing i can think of. If the runes work properly this will be funny. Psyker is simply far to strong even with the increased heat costs. It seems like there is no insta death anymore what makes heat managment stupid easy because fire it up and dont give a fuck. 

Upvotes and downvotes are stupid. If someone has a argument about something she should speak up or shut up.

Regarding the things you would like to see. Sorry but I hope nothing of those go live because I don't like anything about it, just a matter of taste.

Good feedback after all, keep it going :).

This comment was edited 6 years 137 days ago by Irrelewahnt
6 years 137 days ago
I've noticed we never get any dev answers here... But we get these stupid downvotes and I vote that all voting is removed. Completely. Perhaps persons who strongly disagree with something would dare to put strength of their arguments to test? Instead blind hive-mind behavior? Someone could disagree with OP, but who could disagree with Irrelewahnt? 

Unlike Snakefist, I'll put some ideas regarding Psyker, mainly what I would like to have instead what I have now. Firstly, what we have now:

- Endurance / Warp speed - some buffs ("customized" pretty much the same way, might as well be one skill). Main feature is the cooldown, 45 seconds.

- Bio-Lighting / Molten beam - very similar, one medium other large range, one channeling other not, could have both...

- Firestorm / Enfeeble / Hemorrhage - this time THREE AoE on large area with the same range, some differences...

Now, look at the last 5 skills - they are TWO, might as well have source chosen in the skill improvement... Thing is, those look VERY much as Diablo 3 runes for the same skill... Except Diablo 3 has much much more...

Fiery Form, Spontaneous  Combustion - I actually like those.

Fire Pillars - said before, we had PROPER pillars in VH. Instead customizing more, we do it less... Why not Warp Pillar (as a option)? On that matter, why not enabling variants of fire/warp for most skills, enabling specialization?

Divination? To be honest, I dislike the whole tree. Things like this, in reduced power, should more logically be into Skills/Skilltree - "Pychic powers", then in active casting category. Auras in disguise, all of them. Cooldown nearing duration, is it? Meaning.... Effectively an aura, just taking valuable place for active skill...

What would I like to see, or expected to see?

More intimidating use of psykic power. For example, Crusader Savage Assault - it is (and could be more, with some zoom) very intimidating skill, that 2 seconds are ininterruptable and Crusader himself looks as a force of nature. Some other skills share this property, though no Psykers. 

Could Psyker perform similar "walk" where opponents are thrown arround (according to common sense, naturally not tanks)? 

Could Psyker perform similar "walk" with 100% projectile deflection, maybe looking changed from Warp usage?

Could Psyker take form of some Warp cloud or something (in general reference to Archon from Diablo 3)? Being invisible...

...or strangling opponents... or taking no damage?

Could Psyker have spell attack OTHER than "medium line" and "area large" - wave, self-aura anything except those 2?

Could Psyker have Confusion Spell, which has a random chance to turn opponents against each others?

Could Psyker have Fear Spell, making him look like something that he isn't and getting same effect on opponent as execution?

Could Psyker have Time Slow or something more 'protective' as a NORMAL spell?

There is armor one and Assassin has one wasted on armor (two, to be precise) - which I'll explan. Crusader has Turrets and Rockets. Turrets being bit better, because player can drop traps. 3rd one would be wasted, because it would be ultimate Crusader movement spell, influencing armor choice heavily. It's not so, because a number of weapon has similar movement skills. Assassins Time Stop is, however, wasted - many players would include it in normal build, instead of belt weapons.

Psyker got it all worst. All 3 armor spells are good, and bunch of normal spells are bad.

Most of spells are from other games. Where we had a chance to get unique character, we got slightly changed crusader with some spells, outrageous cooldowns and auras in disguise. Even Pillars are ruined. There is enough time, guys. 


6 years 140 days ago
There is so much good feedback and so many things that are simply wrong. With firey form and the other support spell for damage reduction the psyker is the most bonkers DR dude ingame. If you have to kite on missions 200-300+ PR you do something wrong or play a crappy build.

Every thing else seems valid.