Psalm code


Hi, i'm new to the game, i cannot find the aegis psalm or the icarus psalm, are they extrememely rare or am i just unlucky? not sure if i can make one or not..can someone please help a brother out?

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Psalm code
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2 years 294 days ago
You can craft psalm codes once you have unlocked it at Omicrons workbench.

If you have not unlocked anything yet, or don't know how to use the workbench, do the following:

- Play story campaign, till you meet/rescue Omicron. (If tech adept story you just do a few missions till you reach the command bridge).

-Talk to Omicron after bowing to his greatness.

- Click the tech upgrade or something tab 

- Spend your fate to unlock. Its tiered so in order to get some unlocks you have to unlock the previous one.

- Once unlocked go to forging. Select codes.

- Spend your moneyz and your lower tiered codes.

- Curse at Omicron because he overcharges.

- Find the code you crafted in your inventory and enjoy!