Glowing red borders on map, and character speed bugged


About the glowing red borders, some of the maps have them on the edge of the tiles. They were not there before.

- It looks like the walls to avoid loot from falling over the ledge. 

- They don't seem to be persistent across the map, only in some sections.

About speed buffs

- My Assasin Zalsha seems to be locked from getting any speed buffs other than the base +movement buff from primary enchants on pieces, and the 30% speed 10% less damage reduction trait. 

- Using the dual innoculator 50% speed buff does nothing on the assasin, yet on my crusader it pushes it to 100% speed.

- The +20% speed on protected status trait does not increase my speed.

- I have several other speed buff sources, including +speed on protected, surrounded, and out of combat. Some of them might not be playing nice with each other.

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Glowing red borders on map, and character speed bugged
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2 years 259 days ago
Sorry for the late reply. The thread hasn't been forgotten.

The Inoculator component 'Necroserum' was tested if there is any problem with it: no difference found between the Assa and the Crusader. The soft cap for the Movement speed is 50% and the Necroserum is not a supreme stat which means it cannot increase the value over the soft cap.

2 years 297 days ago
Sorry for the late reply, been busy. 

- So as for the speed buff thing, is speed capped at a certain value like resistances are? 

- The blessing of stride pushes it up to 80% if you are at 50%, is that 30% increase considered like Supreme damage reduce increase and can push it past the cap?

And is the account name the email adress registered? If not it should be the same as my name on forum. Character is Zalsha.

2 years 298 days ago
We would like to check on this speed buff problem. Can you tell me your account name? We want to borrow your Assassin.