PS4 : Weekly Glory Challenge Bugy


Hi i got maximum points on the Weekly Glory Challenge i got only 150 Fate ?

Its buggy i must get 400 Fate ? I lost 250 Fate 

And why is Farming Fate now so bad only 1 Fate on Story Missions or buggy too ?

Can you plz Fix it !

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PS4 : Weekly Glory Challenge Bugy
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334 days ago
Yeah Thx i do it 
337 days ago

do the intel missions with tarot


339 days ago

Well  thx ...a little dissapointed ,because the Weekly Glory Challenge dont get all Rewards only one 

339 days ago

Only one cornerstone of the Weekly Glory rewards can be earned by a player. The higher the glory points in a given week the higher the reward so the smaller rewards will not accumulate.

The amount of Fate points can be increased if you apply Tarot cards onto missions. This way you can easily farm a lot of Fate points relatively quickly.