Palace under Siege


Whats up with this damn mission?

On my psyker I just BARELY managed to destroy the 2 pain engines in time before they broke through the barricades and thats only because of movement speed buffs and ignoring most enemies.

On my crusader I can just reach the first pain engine in time before they break through and the mission fails. Every time.

Both characters are far overleveled and playing on story mode.

Those barricades need more damn health or the pain engines less damage because as it is now is just stupid.

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Palace under Siege
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3 years 243 days ago
I beat this mission after 5 tries on my psyker..... 

* the trick was use ranged

* ignore first pain engine

* attack right pain engine and get it to follow near center.

* attack left pain engine and lure it away a bit and kill it.

* check on other mid fight to make sure it isnt attacking base.

then just bounce between them killing them with ranged and using obstacles to block their attacks.

just don't let them group up or you will be in a for a longer fight.

the hidden timer sucks though.

3 years 245 days ago

@digideus we replied to your same comment on the game's official Steam forum, please check on it.

3 years 246 days ago
I only bought the game recently and to discover this issue has been in the game for 2 years and not addressed is game breaking for me.  

Would Not recommend

5 years 211 days ago
We will consider some changes in this particular mission, thanks for your feedback! 
5 years 211 days ago

It would be nice to hear something from the devs. I posted this a long time ago and they just did not want to answer. But they can answer outher questions. That is not taking care of your fanbase that is fleeing from the game. They only answer to questions that they like. No wonder people is fleeing.

5 years 213 days ago
indeed this is a complete waste of time...this level is SERIOULY unbalnced for the pskyer....i got a 45 level pskyer and i can berely scratch the first 2nd Talos before the mission is over....they need to fix this ASAP!
5 years 238 days ago
I Also have Some problems with this mission. Does somebody Know if it Will get a patch or does I have to suck it up?
5 years 309 days ago
Agreed as well.
5 years 311 days ago
Play it on Story Mode. Ignore everything except those 3 pain engines. The timer starts when you spawn on the map, NOT when the Governor starts speaking.  That's the only way I could solve it on my Crusader.
5 years 311 days ago
Agreed this is ridiculous.  I have a crusader and ignoring almost all enemies and just going for pain engines I get to the first one and then i'm done. There is no way to do this I am over leveled as well so killing most things with several sword hits.  Please fix this.