PS4 Veteran of Battles trophy


Hi, i just got this game as i wanted to get the platinum for it, i am liking the game but doing 50 Multiplayer missions, the matchmaking i am encounting is that its taking way too long to get a match?, on the screen it does say 1 person waiting, i wish this trophy worked as either Multiplayer or CoOp as my brother has this game too and would be making the 50 missions alot quicker

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PS4 Veteran of Battles trophy
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1 year 48 days ago
I am finding games now.
1 year 48 days ago
Just a update i am finding games its not been quick, says it has found 1 or 2 or 3 people but sill searching  a while not sure how this works lol
1 year 49 days ago
I too have this issue can't find mp games.