Needs Clarification and/or Confirmation on Rescue Missions


I need to have a Clarification or Confirmation if you want, for the Missions where you are supposed to rescue bunches of Guardsmen. I have always figured that it just has to be a bug, and that it has always been a gamebug. Until now, when I just come to think of something.

This is regarding the Mission where you are supposed to rescue 3 (three) teams of Guardsmen.

Is it actually so that you need to have ALL 3 Teams of Guardsmen fully intact, and all must be alive when you finally reaches the Portal thing? I have in quite a few many cases come to the Portal, and nothing has worked, and no Gauardsmen is being teleported out. I can in some cases remember MANY members or even a full Team (or perhaps even 2 in some unlucky cases) has been utterly eradicated by the enemy, before reaching the Portal Exit.

So now it has come to mind: Is this why the Mission sometimes ends in a Failure, quite simply because I have not all Team members intact when reaching the Portal. And is this the reason why I have always thought it to be an actual bug, when it really isn´t?!

And if it is something in it, how many Guardsmen is required to actually have intact to be able to NOT fail the Mission?

Confirmation/Clarification please.

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Needs Clarification and/or Confirmation on Rescue Missions
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1 year 4 days ago
No, I have not run into this bug again just recently. It is around 3 weeks ago I ran into this bug, and haven´t since.

But it just popped in head up just a couple days ago, like ... Could it be that this is actually the case, of why such and so on!?

At least you have explained it for me, so if in the case this bug should pop up again, (for whatever reason) then at least I have got it Clarified. So thank you.

1 year 4 days ago
We recently implemented a fix - with v2.3.0c - which was supposed to fix the teleport bug. The teams don't have to remain intact, as soon as you rescue them and escort them to the teleport they should leave. You still run into this bug?