Psalm Code Doctrines - Passive Skills interaction Question.


I'm trying to figure out how certain Psalm Code Doctrines and Passive skills interact if they even interact at all. mainly the All Warp Damage becomes Armour Breaking doctrine and armor breaking empowering passives like in the debuff tree and enchants on the items like %more damage to armor piercing/breaking skills but I cant find any info about it. if my weapon (assassin power sword) doesnt already have an much in the way of armor breaking/piercing skills I'm assuming doctrine will help me deal armor breaking damage if I use it with the 100% Physical Damage is converted to Warp Damage Gain +20% Warp Damage but does it also benefit from those passive skills that buffs your armor breaking damage?

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Psalm Code Doctrines - Passive Skills interaction Question.
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1 year 5 days ago
ok I think I might have figured out how it works and I'm just gonna write it here incase anyone else wonders the same thing. Passives like "%more physical damage" works fine but things like "more crit chance with physical damage skills" or "physical skills adds vulnerability/slow/etc" dont. which makes whole physical damage tree a bit redundant for a warp damage build.
1 year 6 days ago
thanks Alavaria that was somewhat helpful.
1 year 6 days ago

This one came up a few times, so there's at least been some looking into it, have a look at:

1 year 6 days ago
I'm not disagreeing here but , I think it would depend on whether conversion is applied before or after damage bonus in the way it's calculated as to whether you would benefit more from physical or warp damage bonus. Which i don't know, just saying, it's not clear cut unless someone knows for sure which way round it happens.
1 year 6 days ago
Brother Kundari

thanks for your reply. so you're saying I'm better off pairing the said doctrine with %physical damage doctrines if I understand correctly. I'm still curius about if item enchantments such as &more damage to armor breaking/piercing skills as well as debuff tree's down right passive skills damage bonus effects all your attacks since they're all now warp damage and also armor breaking thanks to doctrine.

1 year 6 days ago
Seems to me like you are having a better outcome the more physical damage you are dealing. So, when you are focusing into  100% Converting your Physical Damage into Warp Damage. Well, then it is Warp instead, so more the merrier you have Physical Damage, the better it is. But that means of course, you should focus getting better Physical Damage of course.

All Warp Damage becomes Armour Breaking. So that means All Warp Damage goes against Breaking Armour, yes. I believe. But ALL Armour Breaking is just that. Armour Breaking. Not Piercing.

When regarding Physical Damage is Converted to Warp Damage Gain +20% Warp Damage. I believe this means, you gain an additional 20% bonus on top of your already Base you have. So, if you deal 500 Physical Damage, which is Converted into 500 Warp Damage, you do 600 Warp Damage. Against Armour Breaking. Unless you have some Warp Damage that also goes against and are doing Piercing Damage. 

So ALL your Damage Bonus Passives from Item Enchantments and Skill Trees such as Physical Attacks/Damage should benefit you since you are having ALL your PHYSICAL DAMAGE IS CONVERTED 100% INTO DOING WARP DAMAGE. Which again means everything is in the end turning out as WARP Damage. So all %physical is turned into %Warp.

Just remember that Physical ATTACKS is NOT the same as Physical DAMAGE, unless your Attack is DOING DAMAGE.

So if you want to go for this ALL Physical into ALL Warp, you should certainly focusing all into Physical.

Hope I have managed to explain this pretty much correct now.

1 year 6 days ago

another thing I want to ask is how is the interraction between "Physical Damage is converted to Warp Damage Gain +20% Warp Damage" doctrine and %phsical damage bonus, %warp damage bonus passives from item enchantments and skill trees such as phsical attacks. does both of them benefits me since my phsical damage is turned to warp or one of them benefits me?