Ps4 release


Just curious if the game will be available 9n playstation store I haven't found a pre order option? Or if I should just buy off the sight and if sight is there an ongoing beta or alpha available now

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Ps4 release
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6 years 34 days ago
ATM the console versions are only in hard copies. There is no word on digital copies on consoles.
6 years 33 days ago

The PS4 digital preorder will be available for EU region countries only (including Australia). The preorder will not be available in the US PlayStation store (incl. Canada, South America, etc.) and in Japan. This is something that we can't control.

  • The digital pre-orders for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr on PS4 and Xbox One start on May 21st.
  • You can pre-order the physical version here, right now: Neocore Store

6 years 31 days ago
Sorry for the stupid question,but there will be digital purchases available on the US PlayStation store at release right? It's only the Digital pre-orders that are exclusive to EU region countries?
6 years 31 days ago
Solaris Caelum
Yes, you will be able to purchase the digital game on the US store at release. 
6 years 3 days ago

Do you have any more details on what editions will be available? Or when it will hit the PSN store ( USA) or am I stuck with a physical copy? 

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