Project, Please allow Change of Armor Graphic


Finding that though the luck of the draw i've gotten a really good relic armor. And because its so good, ive upgraded it. But here's the catch,..its my least favorite type (Look) of armor. Can we at some point have the option to also change the over-all scheme of the armor. It seems to already be random and not tied to the ability as it was before. 

The Armor type in question is the Trench Coat for the Crusader, over-all is my least favorite. When im going melee this just doesnt seem to be the choice i would have went with choosing my armor as the inquisitor.

So thats my Suggestion is to allow Changes of the Armor theme,.  

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Project, Please allow Change of Armor Graphic
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5 years 303 days ago
+42 Yes please!

If they didn't want to allow this for any and all armor, maybe the middle ground here would be to at least allow it for Relics, i.e. during Fusion it would be the perfect opportunity to give the player the choice to say:

-- I'll keep the stats from the Item in the middle, obviously, but
a) I'll also keep the look of the main item (in the middle) or
b) I'd like to use the look of the item I'm fusing into my main item

That said, I'd of course love to just be able to chose completely freely, but I doubt the devs will ever allow that, as they've went through the trouble of designing individual armors with their unique visual identities in the first place.

But, due to the RNG involved, when someone ends up with an item that has tank stats but looks like glascannon threads, we should have the option to correct that to something more appropriate.

5 years 303 days ago


I would also REALLY like to have the look of the Aetherwalker armor on my Warpbound armor,

the Warpbound really looks unspectacular, but it's the one I need to use.